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Payments are due on the 1st of each month from September through June.


Tuition must be paid by automatic credit card payment.


Tuition will be charged to your credit card on the 1st day of each month from

October through June. Any payments received after these due dates will be

assessed a 10% late fee.


Payment for June will be billed separately, as it is prorated for 1/2 a month.


Recital Dancer Intension forms will be distributed in December. Dancer

measurements and costume deposits are due by December 15th. 

For any dancer that registers after April 1st, we are unable to guarantee a

costume for your dancer. 


Dance requires discipline and consistency. For this reason, we expect students to

attend class every week.  No refunds/credits are given for dancers missing class,

classes cancelled due to inclement weather, missed classes due to vacation, holidays

and/or days off.


Our goal is to provide a fun, challenging & educational dance experience. If you should have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us via the front desk or via email

  • Enter the studio respectfully and quietly.

  • Visitors are accepted on a first come, first serve basis as all visitors who remain
    in the lobby throughout a dance class must be seated in the lobby.

  • Be on time!

  • No water, food or gum is allowed on the dance floor.

  • Please call SDC to inform your instructor of any absence from a class 

  • Parents are not permitted to confer with SDC instructors during or between
    classes. Please speak with the front desk or call to schedule a conference.

  • Parents and dancers will not openly critique any dancer during class time.

  • Students will carefully follow the dress code guidelines.

  • Students and parents will carefully follow the tuition guidelines.

  • Attendance at all stage and dress rehearsals during production week is
    required by all dancers who wish to perform in the SDC Recital.

  • Be respectful to SDC instructors, peers and visitors.


SDC offers an Individualized Dance Plan (IDP) for any dancer interested in having

his/her education and progress assessed and reported.

Any dancer who is interested in setting up an IDP should email


All inclement weather cancelations will be posted on our FB, Instagram and

Studio Phone Line. Registered families will also receive an email. 


Hair and dress apparel are to be neat when entering the studio. No necklaces,

bracelets or large hoop earrings are to be worn during class.

In addition to dress code, we expect our dancers to come to class free from any

tattoos, drawings, or other noticeable marks on their body that is visible to the

public eye. This includes ink markings on dancers' hands and arms.

Female dancers should not wear underwear under their leotards.


The following guidelines will be enforced for specific dance classes.


For Ballet Class:
Dancers should wear pink tights and solid color leotard.

Wrap skirts may be worn per the teacher's description. Shoes should be fitted with

laces tucked under and hair should be secured up off the neck.

Pink, split-sole ballet slippers are to be worn.

Primary, Junior & Teen Classes: 
Dancers should have their body lines visible. Dancers should wear form fitting

dance attire.  Tights are not required. Sweats & baggies are not permitted.

Dancers will go barefoot for all Jazz, Contemporary, Lyrical, and LET classes. 

Black lace-up tap shoes are to be worn. Musical Theatre heels should be worn for all

teen level Musical Theatre Classes 


For Hip-Hop and Breakin' Classes:
Dancers are permitted to wear baggy clothes. Sneakers should be worn and should

be clear of dirt, grass, rocks, etc.

For All Tots Classes (5&Under)
For Ballet & Tap Classes, Dancers should wear any colored leotard. Dancers should wear either Tan or 

pink convertible/Transition tights. Hair should be pulled up and secured away from

the face. They should have Pink ballet shoes and Tan tap shoes. 

For Kicking It Tots Hip Hop classes, Dancers may wear form fitting clothes, or a 

leotard and tights. Dancers should have wear clean sneaker.s 

Male Dancers:
Please dress comfortably in a solid color pant or short.

Black jazz, tap and ballet shoes  are acceptable.


If a student wishes to drop a class, they may do so my emailing Drop emails must be received prior to the 1st of the month.

Any fees paid thus far are non-refundable.  If you do not submit your drop email prior to the first of the month, you are financially responsible for the upcoming month. 



You may leave a message for Nichole Savage, Artistic Director by emailing

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